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Locksmith Services: Door Lock Repairs in Chesterfield

Our years of expertise allow us to provide effective locksmith services in Chesterfield. When it comes to the most common fault seen in PVCu doors, it has to be the failure of the multipoint locking mechanism. If the door is difficult to lock when pushing the handle upwards it can be cured with a few minor adjustments, but if left it will put pressure on the centre gearbox of the locking mechanism causing it to break and having to be replaced. We stock most parts for the repair or replacement of broken locking mechanisms and at the same time of fitting the new lock we will re-align the door if possible whilst we are there to ensure the lock will not jamb again and give many years of trouble free service. At the same time we would recommend fitting a new Yale or ABS Anti snap high security cylinder lock as well. All our budget Anti snap cylinders all now come with 5 keys as standard.

We can also fix new handles, hinges, letterboxes, seals and rain drip bars to your door.

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Anti Snap Locks

Here is a lock that has been snapped in the Newbold area of Chesterfield, which we were called out to repair.

Door Lock Services

Anti Snap Locks in Chesterfield

Lock snapping involves the snapping of the cylinder in two, by applying force, and removing the outside part of the cylinder to expose the locking mechanism, allowing the door to be easily unlocked and opened from the outside.

Thieves use tools like hammers, mole grips and screwdrivers to snap the locks and can gain access in under a minute. This technique does not require experience or skill, just brute force.40% of burglaries in England and Wales involve the forcing of a Door.

The locks most at risk of this type of attack are fitted with a euro profile cylinder. Euro profile locks are found in the majority of PVCu Doors installed in the last 30 years and operate the multipoint lock.

To combat this threat we recommend Anti-snap cylinders by Yale or ABS which we stock.

Yale Cylinders
the ABS lock can still be locked/unlocked from the inside with the key


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